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We proudly support the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation, Pheasants Forever, and Idaho Chukar Foundation.











Wesslpointer Breed Standard:

                    Males           Females

Height:        23 to 26"        21 to 24"


Weight:     50 to 70 lbs     40 to 55 lbs


Coat: Lab type Double Coat, Medium   Density


Gait: Ground Covering, Energy Efficient, Light on Feet






Rocky Mountain Kennels

William H Wessels





Rocky Mountain Kennels

William H Wessels

18501 Highway 20-26

Caldwell, IDAHO 83607




To Learn About the Breeding of the Wesslpointer Click on the Book Below


Published 2011

many great puppies since then


Visit:  Wesslpointer.blogspot.com

Wesslpointer Notes


Field Development and Energy

Are you considering a VHD and wondering what the Wessls are like? They are active; think pointer energy with the retrieving desire of the lab! Not unlike any other hunting dog, but she is intense. When she figured out the retrieving dummies were on the mantle or in the garage, she wouldn't and still won't stop trying to get to them. Before we picked Brie up at 52 days I wondered what level of prey drive and "birdiness" she would have. Those thoughts and concerns are gone. At 8 weeks she would scent a bird wing on the lawn from 20 or 30 feet downwind and race to it. At 4 months old she was fairly uncontrollable when searching out quail, ducks and pheasants on our daily field trips. At 7 months, her attitude in the field changed and she showed a much better level of cooperation. She ranges from 30 to 300 yards out depending on cover and my attention to her, but she always checks back and works with me. Don't get me wrong, when she is distracted she doesn't hear well but when she realizes I want her back she is headed my way at a run.

At home she isn't needy, she doesn't want to be on your lap or in your face and if she isn't sleeping, chewing on a bone or bringing you a toy, she is headed to the back yard to hunt .....anything. On the other hand she sleeps all night on the dog bed (one side r corner of our king bed) with no problem.


Hi, Bill.


Thank you! I wanted to reach out to say a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU for breeding such wonderful dogs. As anyone can see, these dogs are beautiful. Echo grabs attention everywhere she goes, but looks are just the surface for these Wessls.


Echo is so smart. At 13wks, we can already tell that Echo is brilliant! When we picked her up at 8wks, she slept through the night in the tent with us on the drive home from Idaho and has slept through the night in her crate since then. She has had very few housetraining accidents and has learned house manners extremely quickly. She knowsso many commands: sit, down, roll over, stay, wait, find it, take, give, fetch, leave it, go potty. She took to fetch so quickly!


Off -Duty Wesslpointer  Trampoline Fun for the Off-Duty Wesslpointer (click picture)




Echo is so brave. We found just one thing that spooked her (the sprayer on a hose) and she got over that with just a handful of kibble and a gentle introduction. At just 10wks old she slept through fireworks only 100ft away! We’re very confident that gun training will go well, starting in September. She has already started naturally pointing robins, flickers, and woodpeckers in the yard. Best part is, she looks to me instead of chasing. It’s amazing!


Echo is a dogs dog. She runs puppy playtime and respects adult dogs. We can’t wait for her to be fully vaccinated so she can go to the dog park and fine-tune her play skills. She’s pretty rowdy when she plays, but I can tell she’s learning quickly! She is already learning how to temper her play style for smaller/younger/shyer dogs and she defends other puppies who are being picked on.


Echo is also sweet and cuddly. She loves being held on her back and being kissed on the head. And, we’ve noticed that she is particularly gentle with toddler-age humans. But, she’s definitely mouthy with us, especially when she’s tired.I’d love to know, do you have any advice for discouraging biting? She’s good at listening to “leave it” when she grabs an object, but she is really mouthy with skin! Maybe it’s just a puppy impulse control issue?


See her adventure! I started an Instagram for Echo.You can see her adventures atwww.Instagram.com/EchoTheNug and through Instagram we’ve met some other owners of Wesslpointers, like John from Sedro-Woolley, WA (Apr 2018 chocolate female – Ripley) (www.Instagram.com/garmonsters).


Advancing the breed. I can already tell that Wessls are the perfect dog breed for us and I tell everyone I can about them! I’m very invested in making sure this breed lives on well into the future. Since Google reviews were a decision-point for us, I’ve already left a Google review for Rocky Mountain Kennels.If there’s anything I can do to help with advancing this breed and your brand, please let me know. I have experience in website development and marketing, and would love to help promote this breed—to support your business and the longevity of the breed!







Hey Bill
I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely love our puppy. He is smart, energetic, loving and everything that we want in a puppy. I also wanted to ask if you were going to have any other litters soon because we may want another puppy or a family member of ours is looking for a puppy and may be interested in one of your Wessle pointers. Let me know thank you.

Hi Bill,
Here's some recent video of Chica doing water retrieves.   I haven't worked with her a whole lot this summer, but I think she's doing really great.  I'm already looking forward to both duck hunting and pheasant hunting his fall.  She's not only a wonderful house pet, she's going to be a great hunting companion,   Chris is attached to her as much or I am and we wouldn't sell her for a million dollars.






Here are the pictures that I took on her first hunting trip.  After I shot the first bird, I showed it to her and let her smell it.  After that she was on the pheasants like she had been doing it for years.  I shot 9 more birds on the trip.  She retrieved 5 of them that I had killed and brought them right back to me.  I wounded 4 others that she ran down, located them in the brush and brought those right back to me.  On the last day of hunting, she pointed to a spot that my hunting partner walked in on.  No bird flushed but Coco would not give up her point.  My partner started lifting up brush and branches off the ground.  Coco dove in and came up with a mouth full of feathers.  The rooster took off running and Coco was after it.  After what I estimate 100 yards, Coco dove into the wind break and came up with the bird.  She brought it right back to me.  It had a broken wing.  So she got that one by herself.

I would recommend your dogs to anyone.  She is also a  great house dog and companion.  I have 6 and 10 year old grandchildren and she loves playing with them.
Thanks, Don"                       

If your considering a VHD for the first time, true versatility requires some patient training to bring out the best in pointing, retrieving, and tracking but Brie has been a natural at all three."   Scott



I've been very happy with Jake. Thanks for breeding such a great dog. A little back ground, I had always had Retrievers. Labs, Chesapeakes, and a Golden Retriever. I had never trained  a pointer before. Well these Wessls are pretty intelligent dogs and very easy to train. Jake is now 3 years old and has 3 yrs of hunting Chukars, Huns and Quail under his belt. He is rock solid on his points. Has a great nose. Covers a lot of ground and he can run all day. I haven't had a day where I've been able to wear him out. He hunts well with my buddy's dog, honors points but hunts for me and doesn't worry about what the other dog is up to. Loves kids and people. I've never taken him Duck hunting but I can't keep him out of the water. He's a great swimmer. Just had him out today swimming in Lake Lowell and the Ice has just come of the lake.

My wife told me that he wouldn't be allowed in the house but she's the first one to let him in. She even lets him sleep on the old couch sometimes. He's well behaved in the house.
I've attached a few pictures so you can see what he looks like and see how he is doing. The smaller of the two dogs in the first picture is my Daughters dog. Sophie. As you know Jake is her sire. She is just 9 months in this Picture.
Thanks for a great dog.


"Hi William, Leah is almost 3 years old!  Time has flown by.  Just an update and another thank you to such an amazing pup.
Leah has become such a close member of our family.  We have asked so much of her, and she has delivered more than we
 have asked. We have quite an extensive family filled with children and many grand children of all ages.  From the day
 we brought her home she has been gentle with the small children, and a great companion for the older ones.  She has never
 snapped, growled, or become impatient with any of them.  She only offers love to all. The little ones hug on her, lay on her,
 and kiss on her, she seems to love it! She is so full of love, and spreads it to anyone and everyone.   She is so eager to please, 
and be a part of whatever is going on.  She seems to always know where she is needed.  She will lay with you when you are sick, 
take a walk with you, or stay by your side to keep you from the possibility of loneliness.  Leah is always prepared to work, 
and is so excited to “work” (obedience training).Sadly we do not hunt, and yet, her hunting instincts shine through.  She will sniff out,
 track, guide, and point to critters, and things interest to her.  We get great joy of watching her do what she was bred to do without
 any training... all pure instinct!  We are in awe of her brilliance.  We could not as for a better addition to our family. 
 Thank you so much again for such an amazing breed.  We are hoping to add another in a few years! "
"Mr. Wessel,

We recently purchased one of your puppies and absolutely love her! We were curious if you have or will have any puppies available around the first of the year. I appreciate your time And have a great weekend!



"Just bought the male pup from Cabelas parking lot, this last Sunday. Would love to have his birth date. Impressed with this pup.
Would like to be put on the list for a female, maybe 3 years down the road. I have never had a pup this well behaved.
Sleeps through the night from the get go.  Calm, wiling to please.  Awesome personality.  Instead of researching, we bought on site.ates. 
What a blessing. We would enjoy being put on an email update of your Kennel. Good Job.  Raised and showed Waking Horses for years,
not interested in breeding now, just hunting dog, that is a pleasure.




Wessels has trained all breeds of pointers and  retrievers professionally for over 30 years.  THE Kennels has training grounds with Boise river frontage, as well as duck ponds, river brush and farm ground to train on.  Dog boarding available and offers a  discount for long term boarding.


Specializing in the introduction of dogs to e-collar training and conditioned retrieving.


Modern indoor kennels with skylights and floor heat.






William H Wessels has professionally trained all breeds of gun dogs for over 30 years


Experience that creates the finished ultimate gun dog.


Stylish Upland Points, Intelligent Game Finesse, Bold Water Entries, Soft Mouth Retrieves, Affectionate Family Companions.



Truly America's Versatile Gun Dog




















































































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